I got my ears pierced today.

2009年02月21日 20:24

I got my ears pierced today.
It is a first time for me.
I wanted to wear pierce but I feared .
However I decided to do today because I will be 45years this year.
I think wearing pierce is trigger to face a rest of my life .

I am a pollinosis patient .

2009年02月18日 20:32

I have a headache since yesterday because there are a lot of pollens.
I am a pollinosis patient .
My symptom are a mucus, a sneeze, a headache and an itch.
I also feel dizzy.
I should go to the hospital.

a first spring storm

2009年02月14日 10:54

I had a first spring storm last night.
It was a strong wind and rain.
But it is a sunny day today.
I want to enjoy this weather.
I will go to walk with my dog.
I will read a book.
I am reading "Love unbound".
It is a dark-fantasy-romance.
I can not stop to turn pages.

Yellow Dust

2009年02月12日 22:02

It felt like spring today.
There was yellow dust in the air.
The sky was hazy with yellow dust.
Yellow dust is carried to Japan with the wind from Chaine continent.
It has become a serious ploblem because it makes us illness.

When did you realize you were an adult?

2009年01月25日 07:22

I realized I was an adult when I had my job.
I had a job and responsibility at same time.
It was a big big responsibility.
First I was nearly crushed by the responsibility.
But my coworker helped me.
I thank them everyday.
So I think I should help young coworker because I am an adult now.
It is my gratitude for my former coworkers.